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99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free


  1. Exchange links with other bloggers
  2. Use BlogRush
  3. Submit to RSS directories
  4. Submit to blog directories
  5. Submit to general directories
  6. Start a 2nd blog and link to yourself
  7. Create and give away blog themes (with a link to your blog in the footer)
  8. Create free plugins
  9. Create link bait
  10. Participate in blog carnivals
  11. Comment on DoFollow blogs
  12. WordPress Backlinks Plugin (link removed due to possible security issues) 
  1. Join communities at MyBlogLog
  2. Join communities at Bumpzee
  3. Join communities at Blog Catalog
  4. Start a community at any of these sites
  5. Comment on other blogs in your niche
  6. Email your friends and contacts about a new blog post that may interest them
  7. Email your readers to say “thank you”
  8. Email other bloggers to introduce yourself
  9. Link out to other blogs

  11. Digg
  12. del.icio.us
  13. StumbleUpon
  14. Reddit
  15. Netscape
  16. Magnolia
  17. MySpace
  18. Facebook
  19. YouTube FORUMS:
  20. AuthorityBlogger
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